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9/10 - AP Study Session
9/21 - PLAN Test
10/6 - ASVAB Test
10/7 - ASVAB Test
10/7 - Mid-Term
10/10 - Open House
10/12 - 10/15 Fall Break

Welcome to Clay County High

Located in Manchester, Kentucky, Clay County High School is dedicated to educating the students of the Southeast. As education has changed, so have our methods and practices as we strive to keep our school on the forefront of success. Our goal is to make sure all students graduate with the knowledge and tools that allow each to make an impact on the world!

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New Attendance Incentives Announced

This year Clay County High School is making an effort to improve our school attendance.  We are planning a school-wide trip to Dollywood for any student who misses no more than 5 days of school or who does not exceed 35 missed class periods during the school year.  Any student who meets those requirements is eligible to go on our "Attendance Trip" at the end of the year.  Our attendance contest for this trip begins September 6th In addition to this attendance incentive, we have several more activities scheduled for this year.  We have volleyball, dodgeball, school dances, cookouts, wheel of fortune, minute to win it games, popcorn and movies, and many more activities.  School can be fun and with your good attendance, we will do everything possible to make your school year as enjoyable as possible!


Mike Gregory Named CCHS Principal

August 16, 20011 marked the day of leadership change at Clay County High School when Mr. Mike Gregory was named principal. Mr. Gregory is no stranger to Clay County administration. He had previously been the principal at Horse Creek Elementary and at the time was serving as an assistant principal at CCHS. Mr. Gregory replaced Mr. Mike White who, after 13 years of service, retired as principal.